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About the Artist

southern california reclaimed wood tables

Hello! Thank you for visiting my site! I am overwhelmed with excitement and gratefulness for this opportunity to continue in this creative journey… taking pieces of "one mans junk" and helping transform them into a beautiful treasure.

Being an artist, and having a life long passion for creating, I fell in love with creating furniture and decor 7 years ago when I picked up a pile of old fence boards that were headed for the landfill and created an end table. It was such an awesome feeling to see a pile of old, worn boards turn into a beautiful piece of furniture that received many compliments from friends and family. One piece quickly turned into another, until my home was filled with handcrafted furniture and decor... and by this time I was hooked! Suddenly, I could no longer pass up an old pile of wood without visualizing its potential, and dragging it home to create more. When friends and neighbors began placing orders for custom furniture, I realized that I could start a business doing what I love. I am very grateful to say that I have been building furniture and decor full time since in Southern California and shipping across the US.

I absolutely love building dining tables and other pieces of furniture, knowing that families will be gathering around them, building memories for years to come. Your business is truly appreciated! I thank each of you, from the depths of my heart for your support in helping me keep my passion alive. As a mother of two beautiful boys, this opportunity means the world to me.

May we all see the potential in what would otherwise be overlooked, tossed aside or thrown away.

reclaimed wood dining tables los angeles ca

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